During the Executive Committee tour of the plant, the CEO pulled me aside to tell me the plant’s performance is being called a ‘turnaround’ within his team and the board. I want to share the great news with you and tell you how grateful I am for all that you have taught me.

The plant has come a long way since you and I started the coaching. Easy to talk about it; let me show you (see the graph below). We started our sessions around April last year. The plant’s performance speaks for itself.
D.C., Vice President, Automotive Manufacturing

Testimonial graph

Lyn’s coaching sessions have changed my outlook in life and how I perform at my job. Her guidance taught me a new way of thinking through situations to better manage myself and others. This is truly her calling in life and I wish her nothing but the best!
A.S., Vehicle Services Supervisor

Lyn brings a unique and invaluable perspective to each coaching assignment, having worked with high performers within our company for more than a decade.  Many of these high performers have gone on to positions of significant responsibility, which validates the company’s investment in the individual and Lyn’s successful approach to coaching.
M.K., VP of Seven Billion Dollar Corporation

Working with Lyn was a great experience and one of the best investments of time I ever made.  She helped me identify my core strengths and skills and how I can better apply them to my current and future roles.
J.R., Human Resources Manager SE Region

I would describe Lyn as someone who is: encouraging, uplifting, influential, inspiring, loving and caring. In short, Lyn is an amazing person who has found unique ways to help me become a more effective leader and a better person – (husband, father, sibling, son, and friend).
M.H., CEO Harrisburg, PA

Lyn, this was the best presentation we have had to date! Feedback we received rated Lyn as an excellent speaker, knowledgeable and showing her expertise  on her topic.

Lyn’s coaching has helped in both my career and personal life.  I have worked with Lyn on regaining life balance and a variety of career challenges over the years as I moved into more responsible positions.  She has helped me to build confidence in my ability to lead, helped me to understand how to delegate to my team and still maintain visibility and direction over a project, and to understand the critical role that my teams engagement in the overall vision plays in in our success and ability to deliver.

I do still sometimes take the stress of my job home, but then I ask myself  “what questions would Lyn ask me in order to get me back in balance”… usually the first step to overcoming the newest challenge.
A.W., V.P. Interactive Marketing, PA

I have learned many things about myself and my leadership style over the last year but I’m glad that my goal of helping people be successful has not changed, but that I have better tools and a better understanding of how to achieve that goal.

P.W., Area Vice President, St. Louis, MO

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