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Resentment Towards Millennials in Your Workplace?

I received a lot of feedback as a result of last week’s Manager’s Minute topic on respect. There seem to be double standards out there in corporations about leadership’s intentions and expectations regarding developing talent. On one hand there is an increase in trainings on how to lead Millennials, which is good. On the other […]

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Are You Acting as Referee at Work?

This past week a couple of my friends and I went to a local soccer game. I live in Portland, OR where the Portland Timbers soccer team is legendary and so are the fans. My friends and I didn’t attend one of those wildly noisy, fan-crazy Timbers games that occur regularly in Portland. It was […]

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Are You Seen as a Mean Boss?

Bullying continues to be experienced in the workplace. In spite of corporate training programs to stamp out discrimination and abusive behavior, the problem continues to exist. There is a difference between being directive, having high standards of production and being experienced as rude and verbally insulting. Most leaders deny that they are bullies. They use […]

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What Has Happened to Zero Tolerance for Bad Behavior?

Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford has a strong opinion about bad behavior. It does not belong in business. He had the opportunity of observing leadership behavior for many decades and still believes that the behavior of leaders is the key to having a stable and productive company that does good work in the world.  There […]

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Road Rage Causes Disengagement

I drive a lot and, I have to tell the truth, I drive fast and get irritated with drivers who putter along in the fast lane. The drivers who scare me most, though, are the ones who come up behind me fast, sit on my tail for half a second, overtake on the right and […]

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