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It’s the beginning of summer and that means it’s graduation season! We see the party decor in every store and social media is loaded with pictures of young people in their caps and gowns. Ironically, the only video of graduation that caught my attention was a close-up of a young graduate’s bright yellow high heeled […]

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Spring Cleaning

  Spring is coming to an end and Summer is just around the corner! Is there still spring-cleaning you need to do around the office? Did you know that dealing with clutter is energy draining? It is liberating to get rid of those old papers you pushed aside into a pile! When we are busy, […]

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The Formula for Great Leadership is You + Relationships

“…in any job or business, relationship building is the most important objective because the quality of the relationship determines the quality of the product or service.” Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor As your coach, I ask you to look at the challenges you have that prevent you from achieving excellence. Budget, staffing, resources, […]

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