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What Not to Delegate

Most Leaders know how to determine which tasks they should delegate, but it’s not often that they focus on what not to delegate.  Elizabeth Dickerson, who runs the “Delegation Boot Camp” for AMA offers a tip sheet for this topic. Here are her suggestions: “Don’t Delegate: Tasks that are sensitive or personal in nature. Performance […]

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Saying “No” Takes Courage

I think it takes more courage to say ‘no’ and  exclude things than to add things to your list! Marshall Goldsmith wrote What got you here won’t get you There, which advises using a “To-Don’t” List.  Create your own list of things you don’t want to continue doing.  What would that look like? Be very […]

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Urgent vs Important

So many of my clients get too busy to enjoy summer, so I thought I would help free up some time by helping you investigate your Urgent and Important (Stephen Covey) box for today.  Make a list of all your Urgent and Important tasks for today and ask yourself these questions in relation to each […]

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How to Increase Summer Productivity

Summer is a strange time of year in the workplace because it tends to be either very slow or very busy. If you find yourself in slow mode, consider finding things to work on that will build your team! Find out the areas that team members want to develop in. Set some goals together and […]

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