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Uncover the Micromanager in You

I have the good fortune to have humorous friends who do not let me take myself too seriously. Last weekend a friend and I went on a local food drive fundraising walk. Time didn’t seem to matter at all to the organizers. Registration was advertised to start at noon, it started closer to one. The […]

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Stupid Rules Create a Hostile Workplace

Not all company rules and policies make sense to employees and can be frustrating or ignored. Can you tell which rules in your company your associates may class as being stupid? When the rules and policies nurture the needs of employees, there is a sense of alignment and, therefore a sense of belonging. Stupid or […]

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Your Point of View may be a Barrier to Success

How many times do you tell yourself that you do or don’t do certain things? Leaders sometimes make statements like: I don’t do small talk, or I can get things done better, faster than anyone here, so I do it. I have seen this point of view hold managers back from making progress in their […]

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Customer Service Takes Courage

Spring has been sunny, warm, even hot here in the Pacific Northwest, encouraging an explosion of color and natural beauty all around. I think it makes people friendlier, even when I was the tired and grumpy passenger with lost and broken luggage customer service representatives had to deal with. Well, that is what I initially […]

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