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Resilience takes Guts!

This past week was a series of ups and downs for me. On Thursday I received the news that the cancer I was re-diagnosed with August 1st, is much more extensive than initially thought. That was a low. The good part of this discovery is that my fight is back! Another high was attending a […]

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Is Your Life Balanced?

There are three perfect periods of eight hours in a day. Eight hours for work. Eight hours for sleep. Eight hours for chores, commute, family and play. Most of us struggle to maintain this balance. Here is my equation for determining your life’s current balance: W + C + D + S = X W […]

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A Leadership Skill that Takes Courage

This weekend I bought a new car, one identical to the one a friend bought three weeks ago. We were sharing our car-buying experiences and she, like I, had originally bought a used vehicle only to take it back a couple of days later. Driving a car a mile or two on a test drive […]

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