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Mental Iron for Life

Plan, schedule, execute, refine, and repeat. Would that describe most business practices? How often do we plan, schedule, execute, refine and repeat our personal mental iron goals?  Oh, maybe I should ask this question first: Do you have any mental health goals for yourself as a leader?

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Is Resentment Ruining Your Life as a Leader?

How many times do you think this of your boss: “If only he/she will leave me alone to do my job, I would be more successful”? If you have that thought at all, you are harboring resentment. If it occurs frequently, you are damaging your life and your ability to lead.

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Behaviors to Eliminate

Marshall Goldsmith, author of What got you Here Won’t Get you There, has a list of 20 behaviors that he thinks leaders should get rid of. He refers to them as transactional flaws, things that get in the way of others’ ability to trust, get close to or follow us as leaders. I will present […]

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