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Perfection in the Workplace

What is your definition of perfection? Perfection in yourself, perfection with your performance, perfection in your team’s performance and perfection in your boss? I paraphrase what Sheldon Bowles, friend of and co-author with Kenneth Blanchard, says about perfection in his foreword to Ken Blanchard’s book Zap the Gaps! :  “Perfection exists when there is no […]

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How to Increase Summer Productivity

Summer is a strange time of year in the workplace because it tends to be either very slow or very busy. If you find yourself in slow mode, consider finding things to work on that will build your team! Find out the areas that team members want to develop in. Set some goals together and […]

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It’s the beginning of summer and that means it’s graduation season! We see the party decor in every store and social media is loaded with pictures of young people in their caps and gowns. Ironically, the only video of graduation that caught my attention was a close-up of a young graduate’s bright yellow high heeled […]

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