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Getting up to Speed

I bought a new car last year. It has been fun feeling the car respond, listening to the silent purr of a new engine. Give me an open road and I’m tempted to see how quickly I could get from 0 to 80mph. OK, I live in Portland, so that is unrealistic, but I do […]

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What’s In Your Pocket?

It is the end of Q1 already! Did this week seem to be the week of deadlines and getting things done at the last minute? Scrambling to squeeze in last minute things can make us feel pressured and unprepared. Many years ago, my youngest daughter told me about a short story she read called “Contents […]

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Watch the Top

On March 20, 2016 Fortune Magazine had an article on the “Second-Mover Advantage”, discussing how hot No. 2 companies outperform their No. 1 role models on the stock exchange. They were compared to speed skating where the No. 2 skater takes advantage of his position to benefit in the end. Today I had a discussion […]

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