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Are you Leading with Integrity?

Kenny Moore, author of The CEO and the Monk wrote an excellent article about integrity in leadership in his newsletter. I’ll sum up the key points of his article in the form of questions. Read through these points and write down your answer for each. How do you treat waiters? How do children respond to […]

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How to Manage your Peers

I just had an interesting conversation with a leader about managing peers in other parts of the organization and over whom she has no authority. Her challenge is that she doesn’t want to appear bossy or be too directive. She had identified some issues about the way things are being done that she felt she […]

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Ever thought of how to fire someone?

Firing an employee is not an emotional knee-jerk reaction. It is a process most companies have strict rules about. Yet, my experience is that firing someone still causes a great deal of consternation and anxiety. Here are some questions to consider: What is the purpose of firing the individual? Are you clear about the reasons […]

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