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31 Years to Peel a Banana: A Book by Phyllis Woolf

This week I have an exciting announcement to make! My long-time friend, Phyllis Woolf, in Johannesburg, South Africa released her book: “31 Years to Peel a Banana”. It is her story about bias and overcoming limitations of people around her who could not see past her visible disability. Here is the link on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082DCWVW4 […]

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How to balance your passion for winning as a Manager

Several years ago, my eldest daughter took me to the Grand Prix! We had seats right in front of the Start/Finish line and the thrill was incredible; so was the noise. My ears rang for days! But I would not have missed this for anything. The drivers showed their talent for being totally fearless, totally […]

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