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Treat the Boss You Hate as Human

My first supervisor was the worst boss I had ever encountered. She insisted in being called “Miss Mills”, gave crushing critiques and never gave any positive feedback or kept her distance and shut me out with silence. I never figured out how to get her to accept my work and jumped ship as soon as […]

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Are You Treating Your Employees as Responsible Adults?

The January-February Harvard Business Review had an article about trust in the workplace called The Neuroscience of Trust. The researchers found that trust is cultivated by setting a clear direction, providing the resources to facilitate success and then treating people as responsible adults to complete their job.

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Uncovering What You Don’t Know in Your Business

I’m doing a series of talks around the topic of coaching with a group of highly trained and esteemed experts. Two big challenges for them to break through are: Knowing too much Not finding out what they don’t know This condition is highlighted in Bursting the CEO Bubble, an article in the March-April 2017 Issue […]

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Coaching Millennials Part II

Today I want to apologize to our young readers and also remind you that I do not like stereotypes. I have used the title only to get your attention. The topic is one I am passionate about. Maybe it is because most of my daughters fall into this age group. It also may be as […]

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