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Would you get Applause from your Customers?

    I was on my way to an appointment at a large manufacturing company a few months ago. As I walked toward the door, an employee stormed out of the front office, slamming the door and muttering loudly about what he thought of the company. The receptionist ignored me for several minutes while talking […]

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Getting up to Speed

I bought a new car last year. It has been fun feeling the car respond, listening to the silent purr of a new engine. Give me an open road and I’m tempted to see how quickly I could get from 0 to 80mph. OK, I live in Portland, so that is unrealistic, but I do […]

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Watch the Top

On March 20, 2016 Fortune Magazine had an article on the “Second-Mover Advantage”, discussing how hot No. 2 companies outperform their No. 1 role models on the stock exchange. They were compared to speed skating where the No. 2 skater takes advantage of his position to benefit in the end. Today I had a discussion […]

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What’s Your Story? Interview with Pamplin Media Group

Click Here to Listen! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Stephanie Basalyga of the Business Tribune and Pamplin Media Group. Sharing the story of how I chose Leadership Development was an eye-opener to me. I realized that, as leaders, we overlook how encouraging our own stories may be to others.  Sharing […]

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