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Teams Only Need To Do This One Thing for Success

I have just read a really inspirational book – Beyond Words: A Radically Simple Solution to Unite Communities, Strengthen Businesses and Connect Cultures Through Language by James B. Archer Jr. It made me think of the reason why, in spite of Apartheid, I grew up believing in the goodness of all people. I grew up […]

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Coaching Millennials Part II

Today I want to apologize to our young readers and also remind you that I do not like stereotypes. I have used the title only to get your attention. The topic is one I am passionate about. Maybe it is because most of my daughters fall into this age group. It also may be as […]

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You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

I just gave a talk on leadership for the 21st century and was asked a question about how to get two very different groups of people to talk to each other. The one group of employees is new in the organization, eager to offer new ideas and to embrace change. The other group is the […]

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