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A Manager must know when to give and when to receive

I had the great joy of speaking to two friends with whom I had not spoken to in many years. They are about the same age, both single and both have had successful careers, both facing change. One facing the possibility of the end of her life; the other sounded perky, enthusiastic, with a refreshing […]

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How to balance your passion for winning as a Manager

Several years ago, my eldest daughter took me to the Grand Prix! We had seats right in front of the Start/Finish line and the thrill was incredible; so was the noise. My ears rang for days! But I would not have missed this for anything. The drivers showed their talent for being totally fearless, totally […]

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What to do when you’re in the Hot Seat

I was suddenly faced with the reality that I needed to go to South Africa in the shortest time possible. Things seemed to come at me in all directions. I had to make travel arrangements, cancel appointments, pay bills and generally try to prevent not coming back to chaos. I do not like having to […]

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