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Leaders Can’t Communicate Using Technology

My friend in Germany and I were able to talk on the phone again today after several months of her phone being broken. We had tried Skype®, WhatsApp® and FaceTime® with little luck due to bad connections and unreliable Internet. It was a joy to hear her voice again and to enjoy a long conversation. […]

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Three Ways to Get Co-Workers Talking

Changes to the expectations of a manager can result in overt and covert communication amongst colleagues. Improving staff engagement is important and being able to encourage your associates to communicate with each other will foster the development of new ideas through their interactions in formal and informal settings. These conversations could lead to innovation and […]

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Quiz to Test Leadership Mindset

Take this quick quiz and see if your managers and supervisors have a leadership mindset. Answer each question with a Yes or No My managers greet and talk to each of their associates directly every day My managers know about their people’s aspirations and dreams They discuss career development with each team member regularly My […]

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