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A blog written to take less than a minute to read. Practical reminders of the roles and facets of leadership to help leaders keep their leadership approaches current, fresh and applicable to daily work.

The Manager’s Minute has been popular with subscribers at all levels of leadership for the past 15 years.

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How to Motivate, Build Trust, and Stay Authentic

Lyn Cikara

Author, Lyn Cikara

Lyn’s coaching has helped in both my career and personal life.  I have worked with Lyn on regaining life balance and a variety of career challenges over the years as I moved into more responsible positions.  She has helped me to build confidence in my ability to lead, helped me to understand how to delegate to my team and still maintain visibility and direction over a project, and to understand the critical role that my teams engagement in the overall vision plays in in our success and ability to deliver.

I do still sometimes take the stress of my job home, but then I ask myself  “what questions would Lyn ask me in order to get me back in balance”… usually the first step to overcoming the newest challenge.
A.W., V.P. Interactive Marketing, PA

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