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one-on-one coaching table and chairs iconMany years of experience asking executives questions about developing leaders has taught us that training is not enough. We need to develop our leaders through a company-wide approach and with well-designed strategies to help leaders to make the transition from technical experts to developers of people. The leadership mindset can only exist if the concept is embraced from the top. The successful evolution of this culture comes from coaching.

Coaching for Women in Leadership

Executive coaching for women focuses on understanding the approaches the CEO and executive leadership adopt to promote women, especially in male-dominated industries. Coaching helps companies with their growth and development and how to succeed at promoting truly eligible women throughout the company. This means paying attention to the unique challenges faced by all potential leaders in the organization.

On average women earn more degrees, and early in their careers, 74% of women plan to reach the executive level. Only 26% of women in the workforce reach executive or senior positions globally. These percentages are significantly lower in male-dominated industries like manufacturing, engineering, the automotive industry, construction, and accounting. The Brookings Institution made a statement in December 2017, that: barriers to workforce participation for women are stifling growth in the US economy.

Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching helps men and women to look for growth opportunities for leaders that align with the vision of the company and who have the drive to reach higher. Unconscious bias can get in the way of seeing women as ideal candidates for jobs traditionally held by men. Coaching helps women and men overcome these perceived obstacles to promoting women and sponsoring women’s growth as part of the future of the company.

I would describe Lyn as someone who is: encouraging, uplifting, influential, inspiring, loving and caring. In short, Lyn is an amazing person who has found unique ways to help me become a more effective leader and a better person – (husband, father, sibling, son, and friend).
M.H., CEO Harrisburg, PA

When coaching front-line and mid-level leaders, the focus is on shifting their mindset from being a skilled, successful contributor to that of a promoter of knowledge and development for others.

Our skill is in helping companies embrace crucial leadership concepts by coaching key people to integrate a leadership mindset into their daily practices for employee growth and satisfaction.

Coaching for Employee Retention

Employee retention reduces costly staff turnover. According to an extensive study of 11 research papers over 15 years, the Center for American Progress found that on average the cost of losing a highly skilled employee is 213% of their annual salary. Maximize your company’s growth and revenue potential by offering coaching early to your new managers.

Coaching helps leaders make sure that everyone on your team has respect and opportunities for everyone to grow with your company, securing its future.

Lyn Cikara is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and also holds a B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy. Learn more on the Marshall Goldsmith webpage.



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