Employee Retention

Employee Retention gear iconEmployee retention reduces costly staff turnover. According to an extensive study of 11 research papers over 15 years, the Center for American Progress found that on average the cost of losing a highly skilled employee is 213% of their annual salary.

Are you prepared to factor that cost into your budget? If not, creating an employee retention strategy should be your top priority.

Record low employment rates, shifts away from skill-building education and generational pressures all point to a “tsunami of employee turnover” in the months to come. Are you prepared?

Automation and AI can solve some issues, however the people management skills of the leadership team are the more crucial now to stem the tide of exits from your company.

Let me help you start right now by cultivating an ideal workplace using my Leadership Essentials Training which includes:

  • Creating a shared vision
  • Developing a leadership mindset
  • Creating a culture of growth and development for all.

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