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Cultivate a Workplace that Retains Talent

In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Dr. John Graham, professor at Duke University’s Faqua School of Business, stated that CFO’s top concern is hiring and retaining qualified workers. The Center for American Progress found that the cost to a company for the loss of a highly skilled employee is 213% of that employee’s annual […]

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Do You Understand Employee Loyalty?

Three facts facing managers: The concept of company loyalty and life-long service is gone. The comfort equation of loyalty and trust of employees is disappearing. The pillar of security for companies, based on long service, no longer exists. Employees do not come into companies with the goals of long service and the gold watch at […]

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Hang onto Your Bad Hires

Hanging onto your bad hires may seem counterintuitive, however, consider these facts: Companies have a history of hiring the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Most leaders will admit that they have had bad people in the wrong positions and needed to fire them. That solution is disappearing at a very rapid rate. Circumstances are […]

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