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One Thing to Do to be a Great Leader

I have been re-reading Marshall Goldsmith’s What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. He says that the most important thing exceptional leaders have in common is the ability to give another person their undivided attention and to really listen, making every person they interact with feel special. Marshall asserts that this ability distinguishes “the […]

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Do Your Managers Know How to Keep Your Employees from Leaving?

I just read a New York Times article about companies adapting to labor shortages in creative ways. In the article Lawrence H. Summers, the Harvard economist and former Treasury secretary was quoted as saying: “When the unemployment rate is lower, employers will adapt to people rather than asking people to adapt to them.” This statement […]

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Cultivate a Workplace that Retains Talent

In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Dr. John Graham, professor at Duke University’s Faqua School of Business, stated that CFO’s top concern is hiring and retaining qualified workers. The Center for American Progress found that the cost to a company for the loss of a highly skilled employee is 213% of that employee’s annual […]

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