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Are You a Hopeful Leader?

I think that it is timely that I have been reading Psychological Capital and Beyond. They have a chapter on being a Hopeful Leader or Manager. The authors suggest that managers who can grow hope in their organizations have the competitive edge. Their competitors will not be able to replicate a hopeful culture without considerable […]

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You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

I just gave a talk on leadership for the 21st century and was asked a question about how to get two very different groups of people to talk to each other. The one group of employees is new in the organization, eager to offer new ideas and to embrace change. The other group is the […]

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Road Rage Causes Disengagement

I drive a lot and, I have to tell the truth, I drive fast and get irritated with drivers who putter along in the fast lane. The drivers who scare me most, though, are the ones who come up behind me fast, sit on my tail for half a second, overtake on the right and […]

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Vanilla and Political Correctness at a Crossroad

A few months ago I wrote about the blandness of corporate language couching negatives in positive language. Vanilla is not an emotion and it does not create a satisfied workforce. The results are often an increase in passive aggression. 

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