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What is the Etiquette of Ageism?

I went to a fundraising dinner last week where the question about table etiquette arose. People were asking their neighbors which glass was theirs and which fork to use. It reminded me of setting the table for dinner for my mother. My mother was a snob when it came to setting the table for a […]

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What Does Parking Have to Do With Leadership?

Where do you look for parking when you are out and about? I have the utmost confidence when approaching a destination that I will find parking in front of the door, and I usually do. It saves me having to think about where to find parking before I arrive and I usually amaze my family […]

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Become Tuned-In to Your Teams

Employee engagement continues to be a challenge for managers. Managers need to know how to open a discussion that could improve engagement. I thought I would look at one way to improve engagement, by looking at ways to uncover what your employees really want. It has to start at the executive level. A book I […]

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