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Become Tuned-In to Your Teams

Employee engagement continues to be a challenge for managers. Managers need to know how to open a discussion that could improve engagement. I thought I would look at one way to improve engagement, by looking at ways to uncover what your employees really want. It has to start at the executive level. A book I […]

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Three Ways to Get Co-Workers Talking

Changes to the expectations of a manager can result in overt and covert communication amongst colleagues. Improving staff engagement is important and being able to encourage your associates to communicate with each other will foster the development of new ideas through their interactions in formal and informal settings. These conversations could lead to innovation and […]

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Do Your Employees Know That They are Valued?

I hope that you have already started celebrating summer. There is nothing like sunshine, watermelon and smiles to make me happy. Do you know what makes each of your team members happy and how they like to enjoy summer? Do you know what you have in common about celebrating holidays and vacation time?

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Uncovering What You Don’t Know in Your Business

I’m doing a series of talks around the topic of coaching with a group of highly trained and esteemed experts. Two big challenges for them to break through are: Knowing too much Not finding out what they don’t know This condition is highlighted in Bursting the CEO Bubble, an article in the March-April 2017 Issue […]

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