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Leaders and the Lost Art of Asking Questions

A constant theme in coaching for me is one I learned from a client of mine years ago: Turn your solutions into questions. I am sure many of you have heard me say: Ask, Don’t Tell. Leaders struggle to ask questions that lead to solutions. They see their role as being the one who should […]

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Is Learning the Answer to Distraction?

Hello, my friend, Gary Furr has written a series: 7 Steps to Accelerated Business Growth. In one part of the series he mentions how businesses are burning through money due to distractions, costing the US economy $997 Billion. Do you think there is something we can do about it? I think we are meant to […]

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Are Your People Invisible?

Last week I was almost bowled over by the gratitude and joy expressed by someone to whom I had sent a little thank you card. This woman is a doyen of the networking scene here in Portland. She is appears to be known, respected and loved by everyone she interacts with. She has built a […]

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