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A Leadership Skill that Takes Courage

This weekend I bought a new car, one identical to the one a friend bought three weeks ago. We were sharing our car-buying experiences and she, like I, had originally bought a used vehicle only to take it back a couple of days later. Driving a car a mile or two on a test drive […]

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Pause to Find the Accomplishments Amongst the Hard Work

Many of you could relate to my story about moving, so you know that having to unpack boxes is what follows. I set about the task systematically and efficiently, until I opened a box full of my children’s letters, their school certificates cards and friends’ vacation photos – mementoes that made me pause, smile and feel happy. […]

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Change Happens. Now What?

This week I met a woman who calls herself a Business Therapist. Her goal is to help people understand that when change happens in an organization, it takes time and patience to get the whole organization to embrace and move with the change. I agree. I once heard that changing organizational culture is like turning […]

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