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Current Trends and Building for Success

With the latest freezing road conditions and flooding in many parts of the country, the ebb and flow of good and not-so-good predictions about autonomous cars and AI, it is easy in this industry to feel overwhelmed early in the year.. I’m sending you this so you take a moment to reflect on what you […]

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What Does Caring Mean for Leaders?

Years ago when I started talking about being a compassionate leader, the topic was on the fringes of leadership discussions. Research shows that the Millennial generation of workers prefer working for compassionate leaders, so there is an increase in interest in what it takes to be compassionate. The short definition of compassion is to show […]

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Dealing with the Habit of Too Much at Work

I went to a solo performance called First Born this weekend. Gigi Rosenberg wrote and performed the work and was brilliant! She starts the show with talking about how her mother and stepfather’s visits were just too much to handle. The visits were too noisy, too strange, too long for her liking, therefore, too disruptive […]

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