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Positive Self-Talk is a Struggle for Most Leaders

When I was a child I had a recurring dream that woke me up in a sweat. I called it my white dream. I was in an endless tunnel of white sheets or walls that seemed to close in on me, not allowing me to be found by anyone. Horror stories capitalize on the scariness […]

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Emotions are Not Wrong!

Years ago, when I started my career as an executive coach, one of my customers told me not to bring that “soft skill stuff” into my leadership coaching for his teams. This terminology, which had previously been the domain of psychology and neuroscience, is now bandied around the boardroom.

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Too Rushed to Focus?

I go through phases when the Christmas and holiday music in stores, bus stations and hotel foyers drives me batty and phases when I find myself singing along. There are times when I’m totally irritated by shopping crowds and times when they don’t bother me. The same goes for traffic or any other instance where […]

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