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What is “Thought Talk?”

Last week I spoke about practicing thought talk before being plunged into the darkness of our reactions and regrets. I was asked what “thought talk” is, so here is an explanation: In order to be able to practice controlled responses and behaviors in highly charged situations, we need to be able to step back and analyze […]

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Stop the Thought Hijacks in Your Head!

All leaders are confronted with unexpected, un-planned interruptions to their thoughts. The worst kind is when bad news is presented.  Our thoughts are trained to seek out fear. When the brain senses danger, the primitive part of your brains shuts off logical thought and literally blocks off the pathways to rational thinking, paving the way […]

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Why is it so Hard to be Positive?

Recently I had a few of my clients discuss negativity with me. These are pretty happy, normal individuals who usually have really positive outlooks on life. Both are model leaders. Yet they suffer from what you and I go through from time to time as well – negative thoughts and self-talk. Left in that state, […]

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