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Taking Up a Small Space Lessens Women’s Credibility as Leaders

Portland’s Greek Festival was last week. The food, smells and music all bring back childhood memories for me, so it has become a family tradition to attend the festival. On the days we go, the rest of Portland also tries to squeeze itself into the area around the Greek Orthodox Church. But, the crowds do […]

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The Disease to Please

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where no one could make a final decision? There was an insurance ad on TV last year about two drivers arriving at a four way stop at the same time. The video shows the start-stop behaviors of the cars going and braking as the drivers wave each […]

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Work Allies Help You Orchestrate Your Success

This weekend I attended the Oregon Symphony’s season opening with the premier performance of a young local composer’s work called “Chamber Music”. Katherine Balch, the composer, was asked why she called a large orchestral work “Chamber Music”. She explained that the wonderful experience of performing music with friends in a small venue has always been her […]

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