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Current Trends and Building for Success

With the latest freezing road conditions and flooding in many parts of the country, the ebb and flow of good and not-so-good predictions about autonomous cars and AI, it is easy in this industry to feel overwhelmed early in the year.. I’m sending you this so you take a moment to reflect on what you […]

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The Universal Law of Developing People is Collaboration

The best way to succeed in any business is through everyone pulling in the same direction. The onus is on leaders to get everyone on board. The reason that many leaders do not succeed in achieving full collaboration is because they attempt to do so by: Educating their staff on the business vision, mission and […]

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 Increases and Excesses

  It is usual to face increases and rue the excesses at the beginning of the year. You expect increases in tariffs, fees and rates. Do your staff and families expect increases in acknowledgement, interest and caring? How about engaging in some excesses there? We usually regret the excesses of overindulgence, overspending and overtaxing our […]

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