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The Universal Law of Developing People is Collaboration

The best way to succeed in any business is through everyone pulling in the same direction. The onus is on leaders to get everyone on board. The reason that many leaders do not succeed in achieving full collaboration is because they attempt to do so by: Educating their staff on the business vision, mission and […]

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What Does Caring Mean for Leaders?

Years ago when I started talking about being a compassionate leader, the topic was on the fringes of leadership discussions. Research shows that the Millennial generation of workers prefer working for compassionate leaders, so there is an increase in interest in what it takes to be compassionate. The short definition of compassion is to show […]

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Work Allies Help You Orchestrate Your Success

This weekend I attended the Oregon Symphony’s season opening with the premier performance of a young local composer’s work called “Chamber Music”. Katherine Balch, the composer, was asked why she called a large orchestral work “Chamber Music”. She explained that the wonderful experience of performing music with friends in a small venue has always been her […]

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