I Hate Being Back to Square One!

As leaders we are supposed to know it all, be quick to find solutions, be able to respond quickly to customer demands. The speed at which things are changing in business often puts us back at square one – of not knowing. At least, if we will allow ourselves to admit it.

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Knowing When to be Strong and Knowing When to be Soft

I’m reading an interesting book about learning humility and inner strength, written by an ex Navy Seal. The book is called The Heart and the Fist The education of a humanitarian, the making of a Navy Seal by Eric Greitens. The overall message is one of courage and compassion. These two things live in all of […]

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Elements of Resilience

The second time I was diagnosed with cancer I had several tumors in my liver and my left lung. The surgeon said I should have surgery right away, the oncologist proclaimed with authority that I would wake up from surgery with my first dose of chemo already being administered and that I would lose all […]

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