Is Your Life Balanced?

There are three perfect periods of eight hours in a day. Eight hours for work. Eight hours for sleep. Eight hours for chores, commute, family and play. Most of us struggle to maintain this balance. Here is my equation for determining your life’s current balance: W + C + D + S = X W […]

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Are you Micromanaging?

  I often hear people complaining about bosses who like to micromanage. I also see the complainers imitating that same behavior with their employees.  Here is a short quiz for you to see if you are guilty of it. Do you manage your staff’s activity rather than outcomes? Do you know exactly the way you […]

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Perfection in the Workplace

What is your definition of perfection? Perfection in yourself, perfection with your performance, perfection in your team’s performance and perfection in your boss? I paraphrase what Sheldon Bowles, friend of and co-author with Kenneth Blanchard, says about perfection in his foreword to Ken Blanchard’s book Zap the Gaps! :  “Perfection exists when there is no […]

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