Find Your Purpose, Start Overcoming Two Habits Holding Women Leaders Back

Last week I wrote about the list of behaviors that hold women back as identified by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith in their book How Women Rise. None of the habits help women grow as leaders and, most importantly, change is hard. Where to start One place to start improving as a leader is to create […]

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Difference Between You and Your New Leaders

I have been interviewing new and established leaders about developing leadership qualities in new leaders. Here are some of the things I learned from these discussions: Established Leaders Young, New Leaders Young leaders are entitled Feel are expected to know everything Would like to see a desire to ask for help Are reluctant to look […]

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Uncover the Micromanager in You

I have the good fortune to have humorous friends who do not let me take myself too seriously. Last weekend a friend and I went on a local food drive fundraising walk. Time didn’t seem to matter at all to the organizers. Registration was advertised to start at noon, it started closer to one. The […]

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