Lyn Cikara’s passion is to see women grow and succeed as leaders in all industries, especially traditionally male industries. Her background is in occupational therapy, working in mental health, and in manufacturing keeping people safe and healthy. This gives her a unique understanding of the physical, mental and emotional barriers faced by leaders and how they succeed.

Her coaching is influenced by her experiences in automotive manufacturing, transportation, construction, and engineering where women are not always seen as peers. She understands the behaviors that hold women back and is able to help her clients identify these and develop strategies to change these behaviors to their benefit as leaders.

Lyn helps CEOs and corporate executives to develop their own executive presence and learn how to use their influence to develop others.

Women at all levels of leadership learn to reduce the behaviors and false expectations that take them away from family and cause guilt. Working with Lyn helps women leaders excel in their leadership roles and position themselves for their next leadership role.

Her practical approach helps companies to create a deep understanding of the value of women leaders in the organization and how supporting women’s development leads to sustainable profitability and success for the company. Having strong women leaders is shown to accomplish greater employee satisfaction, and lower the burden of staff replacement cost.

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Lyn Cikara is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and also holds a B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy. Learn more on the Marshall Goldsmith webpage.

Lyn Cikara

Lyn Cikara, executive coach

Interview with Lyn Cikara

Transcript of Interview with Lyn Cikara

Q: Why do you call yourself a leadership catalyst?

In working with my clients as a leadership coach I have found adding the aspects of coaching really speeds up the process of their transformation from the leader that they are now to the leadership level they want to attain.

It’s like a chemical reaction. When you add a catalyst to a chemical reaction you speed up the process. That’s what my coaching does.

Q: What makes your approach different?

I bring a background that is different. I started my career as an occupational therapist in psychiatry. In that role I dealt with a lot of leaders who had broken down as a result of stress related issues. That brings me a strong background in understanding the demands that are made on leaders.

The other thing is that I grew up in South Africa with a father who was an engineer and had a die casting factory. That gave me a perspective of the hardline that leaders often have to have.

The other thing that I bring that is different is that I have five daughters. That has given me resilience. Those are the things that I think help me give my clients a different perspective and helped me see their challenges with a different view.

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