Leaders Can Spread Hope

With the holiday season in full swing, we often find ourselves nervous about our security, the financial soundness of our industry and maybe a little helpless about making a difference that really counts. The responsibility to keep projects and teams successful lies with us as managers.

Now is the time to review your personal purpose, your vision within the organization you work for and re-establish the understanding of what it means to you to bring value to your organization every day. Rather than succumbing to the gloominess of the climate, make a conscious decision to make a positive impact on your environment. If we all gave in to the feelings of overwhelm the media would have us all be buried under, hope would disappear. I know from personal experience that hope is possible even when all other indicators prove otherwise. Also, if we pay attention to the wisdom on social intelligence, we can individually make a difference to our immediate environment and to the community at large by what we think. As a manager, you have the privilege of influencing whole teams of people. Engage yourself in thoughts that engineer hopefulness and others will follow suit. Spread the doom and you’ll be digging a communal grave.

Let us all make a conscious effort to be compassionately hopeful managers this week. We could significantly turn the tide and see positive change on a large scale.

I’d love to hear how you spread hope in your community or industry! Share your stories with me at lyn@lyncikara.com.

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