How to Encourage your Team

Recently I have observed people being awkward around my cancer diagnosis. It appears people find it hard to ‘say the right thing’.

Leaders, we are also faced with situations where saying the right thing may not be easy. Encouragement is much easier when a clear and favorable outcome is possible.

When encouraging team members, colleagues or yourself it is important to see the success clearly. If the route to the outcome seems impossible, breaking it down to the smallest steps is the first thing to do. Dealing with the small steps, one at a time is encouraging. This also affords you the opportunity to give encouragement every step of the way.

Encouragement has to be genuine, from the heart to be effective. It does not need to be elaborate, a warm handshake or small gesture of genuine appreciation along each step of the way will do. Remember that effective encouragement happens soon after the accomplishment so don’t wait too long!

This week, think of some creative ways to encourage your team through the challenges they face.

I would love to help you brainstorm new ways of encouraging your team! Contact me today at

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