Resilience takes Guts!

This past week was a series of ups and downs for me. On Thursday I received the news that the cancer I was re-diagnosed with August 1st, is much more extensive than initially thought.
That was a low.
The good part of this discovery is that my fight is back!
Another high was attending a two-day Superwoman Summit and learning how my health is part of my brand.
This is something I have diligently kept separate from my business. I didn’t think there was a place for that part of my life in business.
With the insights gleaned from the presenter, Rachel Kurzyp and my friend and adviser, Carla Titus (Founder/CEO of Wealth & Worth Within), I was able to see how cancer is an integral part of my brand.
I have beaten all odds with this disease for the past 29 years and plan to continue to do so. That is resilience, something I help my clients discover for themselves.
My mission is to help leaders to succeed in the tough roles they take on. That takes guts.
Obstacles for women in top leadership positions certainly requires more than ability, it requires grit!
The photo is of the socks I wore to the summit. Sometimes you just have to say what you feel and move on and up with the support of people who get it!
I get it and can support you when things are tough as a leader.

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