Tribute to Ellen Voie, President /CEO of Women in Trucking

At the beginning of October, I spent a couple of days at the Women in Trucking Accelerate! Conference. What an experience!
There were over 1,100 women who attended and they all brought a huge amount of energy to the event.
It was wonderful to see successful women sharing how they got into owning their own trucking and related businesses in logistics, IT and research.
Not one of them had it handed to them on a plate and a common theme was that they worked through all the positions and ranks in their businesses.
They were determined to better understand the industry and their contribution to it.
Ellen Voie (seen on the right), the founder and President of this huge Association, is no exception and has orchestrated this Association’s growth and recognition as far as the White House.
This year’s Accelerate conference doubled attendance of last year, which set a record and she has no intentions of letting this slow down.
What makes Ellen Voie even more unique is that she has already ensured the succession of the Association, by nominating the new Vice-President in September 2019.
It tells me about women leaders is that they don’t need to be in the driver’s seat until the organization becomes uncomfortable with the aging leader but don’t know what to do next.
Ellen is an icon and role model for all aspiring leaders! It was an honor to see her grace and enthusiasm for what she does.
Read more about her on WiT’s website here.

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