How to Fix Tension in the Office

I have been involved with a team that really isn’t a team at all. One of the members of the team blows into situations like a bull in a china shop, telling everyone else what they should be doing, often in front of consumers.

Their consumer satisfaction ratings are at an all time low with comments about tensions between team members being mentioned more than once in surveys. The team leader has identified that everything seems to be wrong, but appears powerless to see what needs to be done. She had a meeting to discuss customer reviews and to point out her dissatisfaction, however she left the meeting without encouraging or allowing any discussion to remedy the situation.

Look at this scenario as if you were the team leader:

  • Can you identify any positives in this situation?
  • Where and how would you start building relationships between team members?
  • What questions would you ask your team in regards to the tension that has built?
  • How would you motivate and encourage your team in this scenario?
  • How would you coach them to find out what they can contribute to improving the situation?

An exercise like this can you rethink how you might react in a similar situation. Sometimes analyzing and finding solutions to someone else’s troubling situation allows us a chance to be more objective. You never know; this may help you sometime in the future.

If you find yourself addressing a challenge like this currently, please reach out to me at I would be happy to help you find ways to create a better atmosphere for your team and customers!

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