Are your own Good Intentions Holding you Back?

How often do you use language like this?

“Don’t hesitate to bring it to me if you have problems.”

“Create a draft of the report and bring it to me for completion.”

“I’m here to help if you don’t find the solution.”

If this is how you delegate a task or project to a manager or team member, do you build this additional time into your daily or weekly schedule? If not, you will always find yourself frustrated at not having enough time. 

Develop your people by coaching them into taking more responsibility for outcomes in their departments. Be conscious of the language you use when you delegate. Make it direct and clear that they are trusted to make the decisions on the project. 

If you have concerns about their competence for the job, have you asked the right questions to establish up to what point of the project they are competent? 

Do you trust them fully to take the steps towards completion up to that point? 

If the answer is “Yes,” get out of their way until they really need your input. 

If the answer is “No,” what do you have to do to help them learn?

Do you struggle with this topic? If so, I would love to help you develop confidence in this area! Contact me today at

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