A Culture of Empowerment versus Command & Control

As I continue to read Ken Blanchard’s Leading at a Higher Level, I am forced to share this gem of understanding. Blanchard states that, in order to understand the concept of empowerment in leading people, one needs to learn a new language. 

Here is his list of comparisons between hierarchical and empowering language:

Hierarchical Culture Empowerment Culture
Planning Visioning
Command-and-control Partnering for performance
Monitoring Self-monitoring
Individual responsiveness Team responsiveness
Pyramid structures Cross-functional structures
Workflow processes Projects
Managers Coaches/team leaders
Employees Team members
Participative management Self-directed teams
Do as you are told Own your job
Compliance Good judgment

I hope that the words in the two lists evoke deep thought about your management style, attitudes and expectations. I invite you to contact lyn@lyncikara.com to discuss your thoughts!

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