Are you a High Performance SCORES Leader?

Research done by Ken Blanchard’s company indicated that six elements were necessary for high performing organizations to be consistently successful.

The acronym they used to describe these elements is SCORES.

S= Shared information and open communication affecting decision making. (Y/N)

C= Compelling vision that energizes and excites support at all levels. (Y/N)

O= Ongoing learning engaged by everyone, individually and as an organization. (Y/N)

R= Relentless focus on customer results. (Y/N)

E= Energizing systems ans structures that help people do their jobs more easily. (Y/N)

S= Shared power and high involvement with decision making at all levels. (Y/N)

Assess your own leadership by giving yourself one point for every element you consistently apply in your leadership practices. If you do not score 6, we have some work to do!
(Put a ‘Y’ or an ‘N’ next to each letter to help keep score).

If you score less than 6 or have questions/thoughts about SCORES, contact me today at !

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