What Not to Delegate

Most Leaders know how to determine which tasks they should delegate, but it’s not often that they focus on what not to delegate. 

Elizabeth Dickerson, who runs the “Delegation Boot Camp” for AMA offers a tip sheet for this topic. Here are her suggestions:

Don’t Delegate:

  • Tasks that are sensitive or personal in nature.
  • Performance reviews, counseling or disciplining.
  • Jobs that require a degree of risk that would be too much of a responsibility for the subordinate.
  • Anything that requires your personal expertise or leadership, including anything that your manager says he/she is counting on you to do.
  • Any task that has legal restrictions.”

I’m sure you have suggestions of your own. Test them against the criteria above and see if you really have to hold onto those jobs you find difficult to delegate.

Email Lyn today at lyn@lyncikara.com for help determining what should be on your “Don’t Delegate” list.

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