Saying “No” Takes Courage

I think it takes more courage to say ‘no’ and  exclude things than to add things to your list!

Marshall Goldsmith wrote What got you here won’t get you There, which advises using a “To-Don’t” List. 

Create your own list of things you don’t want to continue doing. 

  • What would that look like? Be very honest about your choices. 

Think back to last week’s blog on understanding Urgent and Important tasks.

Go back and look at the Urgent and Important lists you created. 

  • Do all the items there have important status because you are the only person who can do the job? 
  • If someone else can do the task, do you have the courage to trust him/her to do it? Could it be time to train someone else to do it? 
  • Is there something you can do to start getting rid of your not urgent/not important tasks? 

If you feel anxiety about giving up these tasks, it may be time to seek the courage to choose. It will result in finding some extra time.

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