Urgent vs Important

So many of my clients get too busy to enjoy summer, so I thought I would help free up some time by helping you investigate your Urgent and Important (Stephen Covey) box for today. 

Make a list of all your Urgent and Important tasks for today and ask yourself these questions in relation to each one:

  1. How did I get to be responsible for this? (Could I have said “No”? Did I offer? Is it part of my responsibility?)
  2. How did it become urgent? (Did I procrastinate? What can I do better next time?)
  3. Did I use all the resources available to me?
  4. Would I trust anyone else to do it? (Could I train someone else to do this accurately and effectively?)
  5. How did I sabotage my efforts to get it done sooner?

Now look at your Important but not Urgent quadrant. Allocate a fixed amount of time daily for these tasks. Review them with the same questions and make the changes to improve your performance based on what you learned from this exercise.

Contact me today at lyn@lyncikara.com to discuss this exercise in more depth!

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