Is Your Life Balanced?

There are three perfect periods of eight hours in a day.

  • Eight hours for work.
  • Eight hours for sleep.
  • Eight hours for chores, commute, family and play.

Most of us struggle to maintain this balance.

Here is my equation for determining your life’s current balance:

W + C + D + S = X

W = The amount of hours a day you spend at Work.

C = Time it takes for your Commute and to get ready for work.

D = Time spent on daily Duties and chores.

S = The number of hours you Sleep.

Now subtract X from 24 hours.

The balance is what you have left to pursue your passions and spend time with loved ones. Are you satisfied that this is enough time?

Life is a precious gift to share with those we love. If all we do is work, life quickly becomes precarious.

My challenge to you this week is to take the gift of life seriously. Make a commitment to improve your efficiency at work so you can increase the amount of meaningful time you devote to living beyond work.

I invite you to contact me at to discuss your particular challenges with this equation.

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