Are you Micromanaging?


I often hear people complaining about bosses who like to micromanage. I also see the complainers imitating that same behavior with their employees. 

Here is a short quiz for you to see if you are guilty of it.

  1. Do you manage your staff’s activity rather than outcomes?
  2. Do you know exactly the way you want things done?
  3. Have you written out specific task guidelines?
  4. Do you expect 100% compliance?
  5. Do you do all the talking in meetings?
  6. Are you more comfortable with employees who seek security than with ambitious ones?
  7. Do you believe that if you want a job done right you usually have to do it?
  8. Are your decisions the only ones you trust?
  9. Does every job need your approval before completion?
  10. Is your frustration level with employees high?

If you have answered “yes” to five or more questions, you are micromanaging. Motivation and energy on your team will continue to wane if you don’t change.

Would you like to add one useful piece to your leadership puzzle? Contact me at and let us do something about that.

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