How to Increase Summer Productivity

Summer is a strange time of year in the workplace because it tends to be either very slow or very busy.

If you find yourself in slow mode, consider finding things to work on that will build your team! Find out the areas that team members want to develop in. Set some goals together and facilitate their achieving them. 

If you find yourself in the midst of a really busy time, set some goals for time management by honoring your team. By this I mean get things done as a team. A planning meeting will go a long way to finding out what your team members can contribute to the goals. Plan, set goals, find the right people for the jobs that have to be done. Along the way you will find out about interests and skill sets of your team members. As this happens, a natural delegation and time management process will be set in place. All you have to do is listen and facilitate. You may gain a few extra hours to enjoy the weather with your loved ones.

For ideas on how to productively fill time during a slow period or how to find extra time in a busy period, contact me at today!

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