11 Questions to Help you Manage and Develop your People


It’s Spring in Portland, and the landscape is alive with a rainbow of vibrant colors! People are planning their gardens and investing time developing them so their projects can be a success.

The same can be said in the workplace. When starting out as managers, few people consider developing people as their primary role as a leader. This is the most important role as a manager. Plan well for this role!

Here are 11 questions to help you think about your role as a Developer of People.

  1. How does your own approach to projects influence how your people do work?
  2. What are your expectations?
  3. Are you clear when communicating what you want?
  4. When last have you asked your team members how they would tackle a job?
  5. Is it quicker for you to do something yourself than to delegate it?
  6. How do you expect your people to delegate?
  7. Do you have a cooperative/collaborative approach?
  8. Do your people know you appreciate their efforts?
  9. Who received praise and acknowledgement from you this week?
  10. When last did you ask them for feedback on your performance?
  11. Have you met your own standards for performance?
  12. Are your staff comfortable giving you honest feedback?

Use these questions to steer you toward actions you need to take to develop yourself as a leader and to become aware of what others expect of you.

Let me help you set the groundwork for a successful team and management career. Email me at lyn@lyncikara.com to get started!

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