How to Manage your Peers

I just had an interesting conversation with a leader about managing peers in other parts of the organization and over whom she has no authority. Her challenge is that she doesn’t want to appear bossy or be too directive. She had identified some issues about the way things are being done that she felt she needs to address.

For example:

  • The attitudes in the office.
  • Trust and honesty, integrity, reliability that are not in alignment with corporate values.
  • Undermining peers by negative talk and carrying stories to the boss
  • Complaining about employees

Make a list of the things that could improve in internal relationships in your division or company.

Write down everything you would like to change about how others do their jobs.

Now look at how they might perceive your approach and what they might want you to change.

What can you do to reduce the tensions and improve morale?

Are you prepared to compromise for the common good of the team?

These are all questions that guide you toward managing yourself and your peers.

Email me at and I can help you work at improving the situation.

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